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Unusual laws in Germany

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If you think that the Germans are very fond of strange rules and laws, then you may be right. After all, the Germans really like it when everything is spelt out to the smallest detail. And here, we will talk about such trifles. 

Can’t march on bridges 

Perhaps remember the picture from the physics textbook on the topic “Resonance”, and then everything will be clear. In Britain in the 19th century, 74 soldiers marched across a bridge that eventually collapsed. Obviously, the authors of the law in Germany were inspired by this situation. Now, this is hardly possible, except that a group of very disciplined schoolchildren on an excursion will pose a threat to society.

It is illegal for a car to run out of petrol while the car is on the autobahn 

Autobahns are express roads in Germany, many of which can be driven at any speed. It is clear that if the car stops abruptly, there will be a risk of accidents. Therefore, the Germans came up with such a slightly absurd rule because a car cannot even break down on the autobahn. The fine for an empty tank is €70.

It is illegal to deny the Holocaust 

It is impossible to doubt the persecution of the Jews. This also includes a ban on the symbols of the Nazis and their slogans. For example, if you shout “Sieg Heil” on the street and throw up your hand, you can even get a prison term of up to 5 years. Jokes off.

You can’t sleep at work

This is not quite a fight against laziness as one might think. But, if you fall asleep on the job, fall off your chair and get injured, it will be considered an accident at work. And the employer thus tries to insure himself against the possible payment of compensation.

If you have a bee swarm and you don’t follow it, then that swarm is considered a draw 

And if you follow your bee swarm, then you are allowed to enter someone else’s territory. When a bee family divides, a part of it flies away with a new queen, and then you have to look where the swarm will sit.

You can’t address a police officer with “you” 

“Commander, let’s make a deal?” it will not work here, not only because of the incorruptibility of the police but even because of the style of address. If you say “du” to the guard, you can get a fine of up to €600.

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