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Titan Eyeplus and Ayushmann Khurrana in new ad – expert who cares

Ayushmann Khurrana gets a suitable Titan Eyeplus by asking the right questions

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Titan Eyeplus has launched the ‘expert who cares’ campaign, starring brand ambassador Ayushmann Khurrana, to emphasise the consumer’s attitude to purchasing eyeglasses. The film, created by Ogilvy, attempts to raise awareness of the critical parts of the customer experience. It shows Khurrana with a toddler in a Titan Eyeplus showroom, where they could purchase spectacles.

Khurrana begins the process in the same way that most customers would: by inspecting the frames. The youngster then, in an unexpected turn, asks Khurrana to reconsider his inquiries and takes command of the situation. The film’s goal is to highlight the significance of asking the correct questions about your eye health and to reassure viewers that they have all of the solutions to their worries.

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