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The shape of the women’s buttock can reveal their character

What secrets of the female personality can reveal the shape of the buttocks? Almost everything, the Saudi edition of Al-Jamila answers. According to the structural features and its distinctive signs, one can say about the character of a woman, her inclinations, demeanor and much more.

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An important role in determining the character of a woman is played by the shape of the eyes, mouth, chin and hands, as well as the physique, and in particular, the buttocks. In their form, you can easily reveal the female personality’s secrets.

Does the shape of the buttocks indicate the character of a woman?

By the buttocks, you can reveal the female personality’s secrets if you correctly determine their shape. They can be full, round, square, pear-shaped, firm, soft, or drooping. Some women’s buttocks have distinctive marks, such as birthmarks. In addition, the shape of the buttocks is directly related to a woman’s character and personal qualities. Let us dive into them.


The square shape of the buttocks indicates that their owner is constantly striving for success, is not afraid of adventure and does not give up under any circumstances, and is also distinguished by stubbornness and perseverance. Due to the qualities mentioned above, women with square buttocks often excel in many areas.


According to numerous studies, women with round buttocks are the least susceptible to developing diseases of the cardiovascular system. The owners of this shape of the buttocks are usually positive, cheerful and independent people. They are quite ambitious, but they are afraid of failure. In addition, women with round buttocks have such qualities as honesty, decency and commitment.

women's buttock Shapes
Women’s buttock shapes


Women with buttocks in the shape of an inverted heart are prone to mystery and solitude. They prefer sincerity in romantic relationships and have great potential, which they constantly strive to develop. In addition, women with this shape of the buttocks pay great attention to their appearance, but without fanaticism.


The triangular shape of the female buttocks indicates that their owner is smart, self-confident and has such a useful quality as stress resistance. Women with triangular buttocks can quickly adapt to various changes that occur in their personal and professional lives, as well as calmly respond to external stimuli.

Wavy” buttocks

In some women, the buttocks are shaped like a wave. This indicates their ability to control emotions and discipline the mind. They are distinguished by restraint and healthy egoism and prefer their personal interests to public ones, regardless of the consequences.

Asymmetrical buttocks

The hallmark of asymmetrical buttocks is when one buttock is shaped differently from the other. Owners of asymmetric buttocks cannot live alone; they are afraid of independence and are strongly attached to people. They cannot face life’s challenges without experiencing stress and anxiety.

Buttocks with decals

These include a birthmark, cellulite, and more. Their owners are inherent in courage, but they do not like adventure and difficulties. Women with decals on the buttocks try to perform various tasks and responsibilities. They can also restrain their feelings and hide emotions, whatever they may be.

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