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Musk’s latest, an affair with Sergei Brin’s wife, Nicole Shanahan

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The longstanding friendship between Elon Musk and Sergei Brin, the co-founder of Google, ended badly.

Tesla’s boss had an affair with Brin’s wife, Nicole Shanahan, last fall. This short flirtation caused the couple’s divorce and obviously the rupture of relations between the two Silicon Valley giants, despite the apology on Musk’s knees.

This is a new chapter in the complicated life of the wealthiest man in the world, both working and sentimental.

In fact, it is not only the clash with Twitter that turns the spotlight on Tesla’s patron. In the past two months, he has been accused of harassment by a hostess of his SpaceX; it was leaked that last year he had two children by a manager of Neuralink, another of his companies, and one of his ten children publicly disowned him. 

Brin and his wife, Nicole Shanahan, filed for divorce in January for “irreconcilable differences”. Papers filed in court – reports the Wall Street Journal – a few weeks after Brin had discovered his wife’s betrayal with Musk, one of his best friends. Treachery was consummated in Miami during the Art Basel exhibition week in early December when the couple was already separated but still living together. Tesla’s boss had recently split up with his girlfriend, singer Grimes. Earlier this year, at a party they met, Musk knelt in front of Brin, apologized, and pleaded to forgive him but did not convince Brin.

A very close friendship linked the co-founder of Google and the owner of Tesla. Musk himself has repeatedly told about his evenings at his friend’s house. In 2008, amid the financial crisis, Brin wrote him a check for $ 500,000 to help him with Tesla. And Musk later gave him one of the first electric SUVs. Then the betrayal and the breakup of relations with Brin – the eighth richest man in the world – who also ordered his financial advisors to sell all his shares in Musk’s companies.

Brin and Shanahan met seven years ago at a yoga retreat in Wanderlust and moved on four years ago. They had already moved, Brin with Anne Wojcicki, co-founder of 23andMe with whom he had two children, and Shanahan with a manager. The couple started having problems in 2021, thanks to the lockdowns from Covid and the difficulties with their three-year-old daughter. The betrayal with Musk dealt the definitive blow to their relationship and ended with stamps, with Shanahan asking for a billion dollars and Brin opposing.

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