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Meals make Families – McDonald’s India’s new campaign

Is there anyone out there who hasn't spent time with their family over a burger and fries, either at a McDonald's or at home?

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McDonald’s India (West and South), managed by Westlife Development, has launched a campaign named ‘Meals Make Families’ to emphasise the value of family mealtime.

DDB Mudra created the campaign, which has a series of TV commercials that depict genuine experiences that families have while they eat together. In one of the movies, a youngster asks his family at the lunch table if his grandfather may order McDonald’s in heaven. His grandmother then informs him that, while the grandpa cannot eat McDonald’s in heaven, he visited her in her dreams and told her to give his share to his grand child.

Other episodes demonstrate how one family member is continually asking for a bite of another member’s food and devouring nearly half of it. Another shows a grandfather making fun of the family father’s ability to get bargains and discounts using the McDonald’s App.

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