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Gerard Pique agreed to give the children to Shakira for 400 thousand euros

The singer decided to move her sons to live in the USA

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The parting of Shakira and Gerard Pique now has some newer details. The Barcelona defender agreed that his former life partner moved their common children to the United States but put forward two conditions. According to the sports newspaper Marca, the football player demands that Shakira pay off his debt of 400 thousand euros and annually pay for five flights from Spain to the United States and back in first class so that he can see his sons Milan and Sasha.

Since 2011, the singer and player have been dating. They met in the spring of 2010 for the first time when Piqué performed in the music video for the official song of the FIFA World Cup, Waka Waka, in South Africa. Many people doubted that the couple, who have a 10-year age gap, would be able to stay together for so long and even have two children. Despite this, they were married for eight years.

Last month, the couple announced their divorce. They claim that the fundamental cause of the schism was the betrayal of a football player. Child custody was a major stumbling factor. One of the main stumbling blocks was child custody. Since Shakira lived in Spain only because of Piqué, after parting with him, she decided to take her sons to the USA. But the athlete spoke out sharply against it. Due to a busy schedule, he cannot afford frequent overseas flights.

This is not the only issue in the singer’s life. Shakira was recently sentenced to eight years and two months in jail by the Spanish prosecutor’s office in a tax fraud case. From 2012 to 2014, the Colombian actress was suspected of concealing a major portion of her income from Spain, which she reportedly transferred offshore in the Cayman and the Virgin Islands. As a result, the aristo owes the Spanish government 14.5 million euros in unpaid taxes.

Shakira was once engaged to the son of former Argentine President Antonio de la Rua. Antonio even appeared in her video “Underneath Your Clothes,” which sparked anger in Argentina. Their romance lasted 11 years before they split up. After that, Antonio sued his ex-fiancee, demanding $100,000 for being the singer’s manager for so long.

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