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Compatibility test: 8 signs that you are perfect for each other

We asked Psychologists to find out what "green flags" indicate that relationships have a future and are developing correctly. Here are eight signs that two people are perfect for each other.

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Healthy relationships are when you feel good

We frequently look for “red flags” in relationships with our loved ones, such as dangerous trends and signals, such as the fact that we are investing more in them than they are. Examples include:

  • Calling more frequently and taking the initiative.
  • Spending more time and money.
  • Constantly finding reasons for their coldness.

If any, all these bells are disturbing and look like the relationship is developing along an “unhealthy” path.

“If you don’t run towards each other at the same speed, then you have every chance of falling not into love but into addiction.

But you can also look for “green” flags – they signal that the couple is suitable for each other and your relationship is healthy. We have collected 8 signs of a perfect couple.

You are open to communication

In a healthy relationship – even if you have a difficult period and misunderstandings, you always tell each other what you think and feel. Do not get angry quietly, gaining negativity, which will undoubtedly result in a conflict, but immediately say what is wrong for you in a relationship.

An indicator that you are a great match is if you not only talk calmly about problems but also express gratitude to each other and talk about joys, experiences, anxieties, impressions, and so on.

When open communication is present, people report feeling a stronger emotional connection with their partners.

Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash

You are honest and trust each other

This is a wrong signal when you go to a café with another lover while lying to your partner about having a business meeting, going shopping, or having your mother come. A healthy relationship is where you are honest with each other, even if you know that your behaviour may not be approved.

In a healthy relationship, it is worth refraining from even lying for good – deceit in small things or, as you think, in minor situations, can undermine the partner’s trust.

A study in the year 2013 showed that trust is the primary marker of a strong marriage, and those who trust their husband/wife were more likely to be satisfied with their relationship.

You don’t discount your partner’s emotions

It’s good when you allow each other to express emotions and not judge them. By listening to your loved ones and empathizing with their feelings, you help them feel understood. 

If the couple’s relationship is healthy, it will never sound similar to these phrases:

  • You’re just too emotional.
  • You’re making a tragedy out of the blue.
  • Your experiences are complete nonsense.

Both partners in a pair listen to each other and recognize that they have the right to certain emotions.

Do you feel safe

When you seek to share your feelings and thoughts with a partner, you see a supporter and inspirer in him, which is the norm. Showing concern and participation is a good sign in a partnership.

A healthy relationship is when you can talk to your partner about what is difficult for other people to say out loud, but it is very important for you – about childhood experiences, dreams and desires, and past traumas.

It is important when you and your partner are willing to share personal issues and when you see emotional responses and support in return.

You just feel good with each other

You feel comfortable with each other, whether working on repairs, hanging out the laundry, or simply relaxing by the fire at night. It’s a terrific indicator that you two are meant to be.

A characteristic feature of people ideally suited to each other is that they have fun and are comfortable together. Life becomes a little better when they are around.

Life, of course, is not always sunny and rosy; there are quarrels and conflicts. But suppose you can enjoy everyday activities next to each other. In that case, this is definitely a “green” flag in a relationship.

You fill each other all your life

This is not a good sign if your partner resists integration into your life and environment. In an ideal couple, everything happens the other way around – people are interested in relationships. They want to be a part of each other’s life. This desire to communicate with the partner’s friends, family, and colleagues proves this.

At some time, healthy relationships typically progress beyond casual dating. This occurs naturally and as a result of the couples’ active willingness to get to know one another and work toward a shared future.

You are moving forward in a relationship.

An ideal couple is when partners allow each other to develop in the profession, creativity, and even relationships. You don’t “bury” your head in the sand when you encounter difficulties, but you see and realize your weaknesses and mistakes – and take responsibility for them.

Being honest with your spouse, having uncomfortable talks, not blaming others or taking a defensive stance are all qualities of a healthy relationship.

You have similar values ​​and goals

Ideal partners do not have to agree with each other on absolutely everything. But an important sign of a healthy relationship is if your core values ​​in life, beliefs and morals are the same.

Suppose your values ​​(attitude towards family, money, work, sex) do not match your partner’s values. In that case, you will simply endlessly try to change your soulmate and can destroy everything.

A study in 2020 showed that couples who spoke about shared relationship-oriented values ​​were more likely to be satisfied with their marriage and their lives.

Ideal partners coincide or at least do not contradict each other and have long-term goals. Therefore, already at the stage of development of relations, it is useful to openly discuss with your partner what you want to achieve in the future. If your life plans coincide, you are an ideal couple.

However, suppose your spouse is a homebody who gets nervous when they see an aeroplane, and you love to travel and want to see the entire globe. In that case, this is a warning indication that you may face severe relationship issues in the future.

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