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Britains killer clowns may make a comeback

Individuals began dressing as 'killer clowns' in order to terrorise people in separate pranks that were believed to be inspired by American author Stephen King's fictional character Pennywise from the book and film "It" in 2016.

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The killer clowns appear to be making a comeback this year in Britain. Police were called to Hampton Pier in Herne Bay, Kent, on Monday after a 17-year-old boy and his friend were stalked by a man dressed as a ‘killer clown’.

According to police, the “clown” chased the two teenagers around 10:00 p.m. but “did not attempt to speak to the children and no crime was identified.”

One of the victims’ mothers posted on Facebook that her 17-year-old son had just returned home with a friend and had been followed along Hampton Pier to just past the park by someone dressed as a clown. She wrote that the clown was acting strangely, walking fast behind them, hiding and crouching behind the sea wall, and behaving creepily as if they were playing a killer clown.

Her son and his friend went into hiding for a few moments, and this clown was swaying side to side by the park along the sea wall. They dashed home. She added that they attempted to film it, but it was too dark.

Between October 7 and October 10, 2016, at least 50 incidents were reported to police in the South East England county of Kent, which were most likely inspired by the “clown panics” that were taking place in the United States at the same time. According to author and folklorist Benjamin Radford, the phenomenon is nothing new.

It’s a low-risk, high-reward stunt because it’s almost certain to make local or national headlines. Radford described the prank in which one person dresses up as a scary clown, terrorises people, and “copycats” follow suit. While the prank may cause some to panic and even induce premature labour in one woman, it is not usually considered illegal.

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